Bioactive materials for enhanced preventive and restorative dental solutions

The Biodensol project hold the symposium: "Novel Silicate and Phosphate Materials for Bone and Tooth Restoration" on 7th November at Lucideon premises, Stoke-on-Trent (UK).

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The Biodensol academic and industry symposium aimed to highlight the special role of novel silicate and phosphate materials in hard tissue replacement/regeneration. Bioactive materials are gaining increasing attention amongst the healthcare sectors; this symposium provideds the perfect opportunity for sharing knowledge.

The day began with keynote presentations outlining the drivers faced in orthopaedics and dentistry:

- Professor Pierre Colon, University of Denis Diderot Paris 7, France

- Dr Jochen Salber, University Clinic Knappschaft Bochum, Germany

This was followed by an overview of the European Commission-funded BIODENSOL project given by three PhD students: Vincenzo Farano, Delihta Fernando and Federico Lizzi. The presentations showed novel re-mineralising materials for dental adhesive and restoration applications.

The remainder of the day was open for oral and poster presentations concerning novel silicate and phosphate materials.

The list of presentations can be found in the agenda.

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