Biodensol meeting, 11/05/2015, Trent, UK – Lucideon LTD

This meeting coincided with the arrival, in the UK, of the three ESRs. The aims of this technical meeting were:

-          To raise awareness of Lucideon skills in glass, sol-gel and ceramics amongst the ESRs and      University of Lucideon staff

-          To hear about what the ESRs have learnt from their literature search work

-          To give ESRs the chance to ask questions (technical or other)

-          To agree some milestones, targets for the next 3-6 months

Day 1 involved (a) presentations by Lucideon experts on glass, sol-gel and ceramic powders relevant to dentistry (b) a presentation by the ESRs showing what they had learnt from their literature search work and their ideas for powder development (c) presentations by the representatives from the UK associate partners James Kent and KTN Ltd.

On Day 2 attendees were given a tour of relevant laboratories and pilot plant processing areas at Lucideon. The Day 2 meeting also discussed a series of work phases and milestones to guide the students.