Lucideon is an international, independent materials technology company that applies its materials expertise in ceramics, metals and polymers to a range of sectors including healthcare, construction, ceramics, aerospace and power engineering. Lucideon basically offer testing, technical consultancy and R&D support to companies striving to (i) control and improve their existing material processing and (ii) develop new processes and products

Lucideon also carry out internal R&D with a view to creating and licensing interllectual property. Biomaterials is one of the R&D areas Lucideon has invested heavily in during recent years. Examples include (i) new bone-related materials based on bioactive glass and multi-substituted hydroxyapatite, , (ii) inorganic controlled release technology (iCRT) based on bioabsorbable glass and / or sol-gel technology, (suitable for pharmaceutical and consumer product applications to give just two examples) and (iii) bioresorbable materials including bioabsorbable polymers and bioabsorbable hybrids combining inorganic and the organic materials.




Dr. Phil Jackson: Currently holds the post of Technical Manager, Healthcare at  LUCIDEON limited. He is theverall Biodensol project manager at Lucideon. Phil Jackson holds a BSc Hons in Chemistry and a PhD in Thermodynamics, both gained at Leicester University. During almost 30 years at Lucideon, Phil has gained technical expertise in glass chemistry, novel shaping processes and in the practical control of powder suspensions. Phil also has a solid track record in securing UK Government and EC funding for R&D projects and managing won projects.


Mark Cresswell (sol-gel expert)



Ian Campbell (fused glass powder expert); Ian has worked at Lucideon for over 25 years. Based on initial work helping the ceramics industry develop glazes for tableware that are free from lead, Ian has progressed to become a well-respected glass expert able to formulate novel glass compositions to meet client requirements. Development of soluble glasses for controlled release of actives is a specific specialism.


   S Maclachlan

Stuart Maclachlan (general management; link to KTN Limited)


Ben McCarthy (apatite and other inorganic powder precipitation): Graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in Chemistry, Ben has worked at Lucideon for 5 years now. As well as developing skills in hydroxyapatite formation, Ben also provides expertise in polymer synthesis to support composite development. Ben is also studying for an Master of Philosophy degree.


Mark Smith (Human Resources)