Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1


The Laboratory of Multimaterial and Interfaces is depending on the UCBL and the National Center for Scientific Research (UMR CNRS 5615). It is a highly recognized laboratory in the field of materials chemistry and very well evaluated by the French Agency (AERES) It includes 27 researchers, 6 engineers and technical, 19 PhD and post-doctoral positions and it is organised in 4 teams. The Team “Biomaterials and Biological Interfaces” is exhibiting innovations from the field of the biomaterial sciences for dental uses. We are a multidisciplinary group with dentist doctors, biologists, and chemical engineers. The aims of our research group are to develop biomimetic materials for replacing alternated dental and periodontal tissues and to understand mechanisms involved on the formation of the interfacial layer and mineral tag structure between substitute materials and biological tissues interfaces (hard and soft). Our topics are i) physical, mechanical and chemical properties characterization of dental tissues, ii) development and enactment of new biomaterials with the ability to repair damaged tissues, including in vitro assays for toxicological assessment and in vivo investigation, We work with different partners (academic institutes and industrial companies) in different countries. (http://lmi.cnrs.fr)


Brigitte Grosgogeat Photo

Pr. Brigitte Grosgogeat (project coordinator), DDS, MSc, PhD, is Professor at UCBL. She is also Vice presidente of the French Society of Dental Biomaterials (SFBD) which organise twice seminaries every year. In particularly, this society aims to promote the involvement of young researchers in dental yield, so it is excepted that the ERSs join this group and create relationship with this others members. She is a French expert for the ISO Technical Committee TC106 Dentistry; this will allow her to initiate the ESRs to the normalization, the standards and the regulations use. She is currently the principal investigator of clinical trial DECAT.



Pierre COLON

Pr. Pierre Colon, DDS, MSc, PhD, is Professor at University of Paris Diderot. He is Past President of European Federation of Conservative dentistry (EFCD). He is member of the editorial board of “Dental Material. He is head of the Dental Clinics in Rothschild Hospital (Paris). He is specialist of dental substitute materials, development and in vitro characterization (mechanical and thermal analyses) and clinical investigations.


Pr Christelle Goutaudier, MSc, PhD is Professor at Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in the field of inorganic chemistry. She has developed an expertise in thermodynamics (experimental tools and modelling) and more particularly in the phase diagram determination and their rational use for a better understanding of the crystallization phenomena. Fields of application are diverse and often related to industrial problems: solubility of mineral complexe phases, crystal growth, enhancement of natural resources, energetic compounds etc.

Jean Christophe Maurin

Pr Jean-Christophe Maurin DDS, MSc, PhD, is Professor at UCB Lyon 1. He is specialist in dental substitute materials development and biological in vitro characterization (biocompatibility, toxicity effects, cell responses, molecular biology). He is involved in preclinical investigations

Photo Kerstin Gritsch

Kerstin Gritsch DDS, MSC, PhD is Associate Professor. She is specialist in dental substitute materials development and in vitro characterization (biocompatibility and toxicity effects). She is also involved in preclinical investigations.

Nelly 2015

Nelly Pradelle DDS, MS, PhD Associate Professor. She is specialist in dental substitute materials development and in vitro characterization (biocompatibility mechanical and thermal analyses).

Photo Cyril Villat

Cyril Villat DDS, MSc, PhD is Associate Professor. He is specialist in dental substitute materials development and in vitro characterization (setting process, mechanical properties and wear kinetics).

 Photo Nina Portrait

Nina Attik has completed her PhD (prepared within a European program) with high honors from Nancy University (school of Pharmacy) and postdoctoral studies from Lyon University (Dental school). Winner of the Support Program for the Creation of Innovative Companies in the Mediterranean (PACEIM). She has published more than 19 papers in reputed journals and she has reviewed many original articles and literature reviews. She has participated as speaker in different conferences and meetings (national and international). She had also conducted many research research projects and manages many laboratory budgets.