Early Stage Researchers

BiODENSOL project, which is run as a collaboration between Lucideon and the University of Lyon, provides support for three PhD students undertaking projects to develop improved dental products, with applications such as re-mineralization of teeth.  The project is designed to help build relations between academic and commercial research to enhance medical innovations. 

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Vincenzo Farano, Delihta Liyaa Fernando, Federico Lizzy (respectively left to right)


Vincenzo Farano_photo

Vincenzo Farano: Master degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, area Genomics , Master Thesis title: “Characterization of mutants C303A and Δ1-231 of human FAD synthetase isoform 2”.

Personal skills: Molecular biology, Genetics, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Bacterial cultures (Growth and fermentation of E. coli in 10L Sartorius Fermenter), Bacterial Transformation, Antibiogram (Phoenix BD System),

French Press High Pressure, Membranes isolation, Over-expression and purification proteins, HPLC, Deae Ion-Exchange column, Size exclusion column, ÄKTA Software, MonoQ column, Ni2+-Sepharose Affinity Column, Streptavidin Agarose Column, Lowry and Bio-Rad protein assays, Spectrophotometric and Spectrofluorimetric enzyme assays.

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Jesu Delihta Liyaa Fernando: Masters Degree, M.Sc. Biomedical engineering (Specialization: Biomaterials), University:TU Delft, The Netherlands. Her areas of interest are the following:  surface modification and characterization of biomaterials, characterization of cells interaction to biomaterials, tissue engineering for regenerative applications and cell biology.

Personal skills: FACS analysis of proliferative markers, Histological assays (DAPI, Phalloidine-Rhodamine and Alizarin Red) and Fluorescent. Microscopy, Surface modification of biomaterials: Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO), Biomaterials surface characterization: porosity, roughness, surface energy., In vitro biodegradation characterization: biodegradability and electrochemical. Behavior, Biomechanical properties: hardness, compression, tension and Young’s modulus, Excellent knowledge in MS Office package, Statistics and basic knowledge in Matlab.

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Federico Lizzy: Master's degree in Biochemistry, Univeristà di Biologia, Torino (Italia).

Personal skills: Good skills in proteins purification methods;  Good ability in environmental analyses; Good ability inseparatingenantiomers and evaluatingthe enantiomeric excess; Able to use characterization instruments such as: UV-vis spectrophotometer, GC, GC-MS; HPLC, NMR; Excellent ability to search reviews and articles on the internet; Quick learning of new techniques and methods due to the huge personal curiosity.




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